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09DEC11: PURGE II feat. Ancient Methods + Sun Worship + Hanno Hinkelbein + circlePURGE

09.12.11 // 23:00 // Chez Jacki, Berlin // FB event // RA event // Last.FM event

PURGE II  feat. Ancient Methods (live set!) + Sun Worship (NKBM)

DJ: Hanno Hinkelbein (Null) + circlePURGE (BlackBlackGold, Tom Ass, xorzyzt)

VJ: dieLamb

Ancient Methods
There’s a primal punch to the industrial techno sounds of Ancient Methods. Their records sounds like gigantic machines, made of flesh and wood and metal, is roaming across the land, devouring everything in site and spewing out angry funk at the other end. The result is a surprisingly subtle kick in the gut that we are dying to see live.

Sun Worship
For all the severity of the fast paced assault of Sun Worship, they also create a spacious and strangely pretty atmosphere with their music. For being a band that, as far as we know, only have two songs on Bandcamp and a casette out, they combine brutality and beauty in a way that surpasses a lot of their more experienced colleagues – both in skill and energy.

Hanno Hinkelbein
Hanno Hinkelbein is Berlin royalty and a long time scenester and techno hero with ties to classic venues like Tresor and Suicide Circus. With a wicked smile he’s been in the business of dishing out dirty pounding acid and evil bassed out beats, for longer than you’ve lived here. This evening we think he also might be exploring his love of Godflesh and messed up dubstep, but then again, who knows?

The PURGE Allstars BlackBlackGold, (GucciGoth) Xorzyzt (BL4CK M4G1CK) and Tom Ass (Gegen) gives you their own brand of satanic dance floor incantations. BlackBlackGold gives his sickest bass heavy attack step. Xorzyzt mixes sick drones with sicker beats. Tom Ass kicks the industrial shamanism. Nobody is safe.

Live visuals by our nasty video smear campaigner.

Join us for a night of blasting beats and brainfucking fun, once again at Chez Jacki. This one is gonna be sick.