immersive metaphysical digital experimenter


xorzyzt, a.k.a. Brandon Rosenbluth, b. Los Angeles, 1986, Bard College class of 2008, is an experimental process-based media artist, making de-structural videos/re-animations and drone/dance musical compositions, for immersive metaphysical installations and projection-integrated performances. He has been living in Berlin since June 2009.  Together with valquire veljkovic, he founded dev01ded, a shamanistic media art collective in 2009, soon joined by grayl; dev01ded specialize in interactive video installations and video-integrated performance art.  dev01ded have shown work in Germany, the USA, Holland, and Mexico.  reliq, is the psycehedelic doomscape band which extends dev01ded’s musical and visual pursuits.  Beside their art they have organized special events and music festivals including e’clepsyde, Black Magick, and SYMBOLCLUB as well as directing music and fashion videos, and creating atmosphere for fashion events. xorzyzt founded UnReaL together with BlackBlackGold and Tom Ass in Summer 2013 and has since been regularly promoting music via events, journalism, DJing and now a record label UnReaL Audio in Berlin and beyond.

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